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Poznań, Poland
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Michał Sita (1985) documentary photographer and curator based in Poznań, PL. Graduate of photography at the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava (2009) and social anthropology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, where he currently works on his PhD concerning social usage of the past in contemporary Poland. Interested in research through photography, collective memory and social interpretations of history. Curator of exhibitions by Małgorzata Lebda & Rafał Siderski, Mayumi Suzuki, Jan Kurek, Wiesław Rakowski among others. Responsible for production of exhibitions by Martin Parr & Rimaldas Vikšraitis, Sputnik Photos, Alina Sandulyak, Igor Pisuk and others. Co-author and curator of the Zoological Archive – interdisciplinary project analyzing interwar photographs from Natural History Museum in Poznań. Author of books “Củ Chi Tunnels Restoration Report” (2019) selected the photobook of the year 2020 and „History of Poland exercise book  vol. 1” (2021). Writer on photography (Kultura u podstaw magazine). Previously one of The World Press Photo 6x6 Talent Programme curators (2020–2021). Lecturer at the University of Fine Arts in Poznań, PL.


Củ Chi Tunnels Restoration Report — (PHOTOBOOK OF THE YEAR 2020, PHOTOFESTIVAL ŁÓDŹ 2021) text and book concept: Anna Pilawska-Sita & Michał Sita / drawings: Anna Pilawska-Sita / photographs: Michał Sita / 1982 technical drawings and photographs: Kazimierz Kwiatkowski / DTP: Marcin Markowski / translation: Agata Lewandowska / publisher: PIX.HOUSE, Poznań 2019 / format: 17 x 22,7 cm, 84 pages / print run: 300 / language: English
History of Poland Exercise Book vol. 1 – photos: Michał Sita; design: dobosz.studio; publisher: Michał Sita, Poznań 2021; ISBN: 978–83–961683–0‑6; print run: 100 + 30 AP; format: A5, 32 sheets; font: Brygada 1918; language: Polish; partners: PIX.HOUSE, Kraków Photomonth, Institute of Anthropology and Ethnology Adam Mickiewicz University, Stowarzyszenie Dzieje; founded by the scholarship programme of the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport.

Wiesław Rakowski photographs 1924–1939 — editor dr Maria Szyszkiewicz-Golis / curated by Michał Sita / introductory essays: dr Maria Szyszkiewicz-Golis, Michał Sita, Monika Piotrowska, dr Marta Osypińska, prof. Hieronim Frąckowiak / captions: prof. dr hab. Jerzy Karg, dr hab. Krzysztof Kujawa, dr Marta Osypińska, dr Jan Śmiełowski / PL & ENG / 300 x 300mm / 140 pages / circulation: 1000 / issued by IŚRL Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznań 2013 / printed & bound by Moś i Łuczak.

Elektrownia Garbary – dokument potencjalny — edited by: Michał Kępski / texts: Emilia Kiecko, Szymon Piotr Kubiak, Ewa Rewers, Miron Urbaniak, Michał Kępski / photographs: Michał Sita / design: Marcin Markowski / print run: 300 / Porta Posnania 2017 

exhibitions / displays

2023 – History of Poland vol. 2, Miejsce przy Miejscu 14, Wrocław, PL, 21.09 – 16.11.2023, curated by Łukasz Rusznica
2023 – New Order by Kang Jeauk, Anna Pilawska-Sita and Michał Sita, FOTO-GEN Gallery, Wrocław, PL, 16.06 – 13.08.2023, curated by Paweł Bąkowski
2021 – The Gravity of the Situation, curator Aga Rayss, Kraków Photomonth
2021 – History of Poland Exercise Book vol. 1 – book premiere at Fotofestiwal Łódź
2017 – Garbary Powerplant. Documenting Potentiality – solo exhibition at Porta Posnania Heritage Center
2017 – Zoological Archive is exhibited at Noorderlich Festival, Groningen, NL
2014 – Zoological Archive by Wiesław Rakowski in main programme of TIFF Festival in Wrocław, Entropia Gallery
2013 – Zoological Archive by Wiesław Rakowski – exhibition curator at 8. Biennial of Photography in Poznań, CK ZAMEK, Poznań
2012 – 9th. International Festival of Photography, Rybnik, Poland – artist talk
2010 – Kurdistan, Galeria Obok ZPAF, Warszawa, Poland – solo exhibition


2023 – Polyphony of Memories. At the borderland of Carpathian Worlds, Tomasz Kosiek, Ethnographic Museum in Rzeszów, 14.09 – 19.11.2023 (curator)
2022 – Flow(s), Małgorzata Lebda and Rafał Siderski, Sleńdziński Gallery in Białymstok, 12.08 – 19.11.2022 (curator)
2020 — 2022 – Jastrzębie-Zdrój School of Documentary Photography – coordination, program and editing of the newsprint summary publications
2019 – Scenes of no importance – collages and curatorial supervision – archives of Jan Kurek, Porta Posnania 19.01.2019 — 10.03.2019
2019  – RurAction social research with Adam Mickiewicz University – visual research
2016 — 2018 – XPRINT – director of photobook festival, responsible for The Real World by Martin Parr / Rimaldas Vikšraitis exhibition, in cooperation with Kaunas Photography Gallery; LTA by Sputnik Photos Ania Nałęcka-Milach / Rafał Milach; exhibition & newsprint production of Mayumi Suzuki’s works, Igor Pisuk’s Deceitful Reverence solo exhibition production, cooperation with Ego Gallery – Kuba Dąbrowski’s Not Lil / Not Young, Rodriguez Gallery: Alina Sandulyak’s selection of Ukrainian Photobooks, etc.
2016 – 2021 PIX.HOUSE – co-founder and co-curator of PIX.HOUSE Foundation operating a photography gallery and a publishing house in Poznań
2013 – Polish Academy of Sciences ISRL PAN – curatorial supervision over Wiesław Rakowski’s photographic collection

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